People have asked me "what is the meaning of this painting?" I've had to reply by asking them "what is the meaning of a violin solo?" I can think of nothing less deserving of explanation than a pure emotion. It, just simply, is. I can also think of nothing more human than the creation of art, in whatever medium and from whatever level of talent. Art is life, and painting is the process of life, manifested.

Painting has been my passion from as far back as I can remember and has continued to define my path. My style has evolved through a convoluted journey of learning by trial and error. Although there are a nearly infinite variety of technical skills one can learn, I have always been more concerned with simply enjoying myself than with trying to be a "good" or "technical" artist. My studies of science, particularly on a molecular level, have inspired me to portray events in nature the way I believe they truly exist - as cascading elements of a much larger and more elaborate system. From Gaia to the genome, I attempt to paint people as tangible extensions of a living, breathing environment, and vice versa.


Paul N Grech was born in 1974 in Manhattan, New York. He currently resides in Randolph, New Jersey.

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